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An overview of MMR’s 5-week EMT course and its outcomes
September 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM
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Becoming an EMT means becoming an invaluable member of your community. However, entering a new career field is intimidating. Luckily, with Mobile Medical Response’s 5-week EMT course, you receive streamlined, high-quality training from Michigan’s leading EMT resource. We offer hybrid courses that synthesize online and in-person lessons to accommodate the busiest of schedules. After completing our 5-week EMT training, you will be fully equipped to operate like a veteran on your first day on the job.

Here’s what our EMT course covers:

Expected outcomes of a 5-week EMT course

During a 5-week EMT course, expect to learn and develop the knowledge and skills crucial to administering fundamental lifesaving care.

Students receive practical training and assessments in ambulance and clinical settings, which are crucial components that verify students have learned and can apply the skills needed to perform EMT duties. After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Accurately evaluate the condition of a patient.
  • Apply and adapt procedures and timely measures to administer excellent care to patients in innumerable emergency scenarios.
  • Work with other medical professionals in pre-hospital care.

If you have any questions about expected outcomes from our unrivaled 5-week EMT course, we are sure to have the answers, and we cannot wait to see you in class!

What a 5-week EMT course covers

When embarking on a 5-week EMT course, expect to cover a broad range of topics and materials. This training involves learning the fundamentals of patient assessment and treatment.

These fundamentals include learning how to quickly evaluate patients and recognize signs and symptoms of illnesses or injuries. This course also covers essential practical skills and ensures students are proficient in using the latest medical tools and practices.

However, these topics are just scratching the surface. A five-week EMT course typically includes the following phases:


This phase requires learning about EMS systems, the role of an EMT, and the safety and wellbeing of an EMT. This phase also covers legal and ethical issues, basic anatomy and physiology, and techniques for relocating patients.

Airway management

Airway management is crucial to an EMT’s role. This phase includes learning about oxygen, airway anatomy, airway management techniques, and oxygen equipment.

Patient evaluation

This aspect of EMT training includes assessing medical and trauma patients, evaluating vital signs, documenting and interpreting medical history, and communication.

Medical emergencies

During this phase, students learn about pharmacology, respiratory systems, cardiovascular systems, diabetes, allergies, poisoning, and overdoses. Moreover, students learn the ins and outs of environmental, behavioral, and obstetrical/gynecological emergencies.

Trauma emergencies

Managing physical trauma is an essential aspect of EMT training. Students learn how to treat bleeding, shock, and soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. Students also learn how to manage head, neck, spine, chest, and abdomen injuries.

Infants and children

Understanding how to treat children and infants is crucial. During these modules, students learn the physical and physiological discrepancies between adults and pediatric patients, and they learn critical pediatric medical and trauma emergency care.


Understanding how to navigate and conduct EMT operations is imperative. Our EMT training covers the gamut of EMT responsibilities, including ambulance operations, rescue and extrication, multiple patient situations, and hazardous materials situations.

Register for an EMT or paramedic course now!

Whether you are considering making a career change or are just entering the workforce, MMR’s 5-week EMT course is the perfect, expedited solution. With over 20 years of experience, we boast the preeminent industry awards and accreditation. We tailor courses to your schedule, and we guarantee streamlined training that doesn’t sacrifice an iota of the quality our stellar reputation is predicated on. Register for an EMT or paramedic course now!