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Benefits of getting EMS training in Michigan with Mobile Medical Response
July 2, 2021 at 7:00 AM
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When you’re trying to find EMS training in Michigan, it’s important to find courses that are going to provide you with the necessary education you need to succeed as well as an overall positive experience. At Mobile Medical Response, we’re experts in providing training and education for our students that will help them be successful in the healthcare field. Below, we’ve included five benefits of getting your training through our program.

We’re experienced

Experience goes a long way to providing proper training and education. As a student, you’re probably not going to take learning as seriously if the person teaching the class has little more experience than you. As an organization, MMR has nearly three decades of experience providing medical transportation services across the state of Michigan. This means that the curriculum that we’ve put together has been finely tuned from years of experience to make sure that you’re prepared for what you’ll see when in the field.


Career opportunity and progression as well as job security are a few of the main reasons many people get into the healthcare field, to begin with. The world is always going to need medical providers and emergency responders. MMR has plenty of opportunities to go around as we serve 17 counties in Michigan with more than 100 ambulances. We can offer hands-on experience during the course of your training so you’re ready for a career in the field. Furthermore, because we operate our own ambulances, there is potential for starting your career with us after completing your education.

Non-profit organization

Many EMS training programs are run by for-profit organizations that are looking to make money off their students by hiking up their prices. That’s not what we’re about. MMR is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making communities stronger by providing superior medical transportation and EMS training and education. Our programs are dedicated to education so those who are looking to start a career as an EMT or progress to the status of a paramedic are able to serve their communities at the best of their ability. We