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What Community Services Does MMR Provide?
October 10, 2022 at 10:00 PM
A nurse standing at the ready, wearing scrubs with a MedicAlert ID attached.

Imagine, for example, you break your leg skating at the skate park. You’re confused, in pain, and definitely in need of medical attention—at that very moment. This is where Mobile Medical Response (MMR) swoops in to save the day. MMR offers an innovative way to provide pre-hospital care for patients all over Michigan, and extensive training opportunities for potential EMTs.

We’re there for you in some of your worst moments, but if you’ve never heard of MMR, you may be wondering what services we provide to your community. Local to Michigan, our team at MMR prides ourselves on the amazing services we offer Saginaw County and surrounding cities.

Pre-hospital care

At our inception, our goal was to provide Saginaw County with a high quality emergency medical service system. Our number one goal has always been to safely care for patients in need of emergency medical attention prior to their hospital visit. At MMR, we proudly boast national and international accreditation for our ambulance services and medical dispatch. We offer the gold standard in pre-hospital care to our patients.

Pre-hospital care can encompass a myriad of things—anything from caring for patients suffering from shock to managing heavy external bleeding. Examples of incidents we respond to include the following:

  • Rescues
  • Fires
  • Trauma
  • Interaction with hazardous materials
  • Strokes and heart attacks
  • Child or domestic abuse
  • Auto incidents
  • Mental health crisis

Training services

At MMR, second only to our fierce pre-hospital care goals, our top priority is educating the next generation of emergency medical professionals with the best training courses in Michigan. From EMT training to CPR certification, we bring premier mobile medical response to Saginaw. Some of our most celebrated training opportunities include:

EMT training

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are essential to healthcare. Their main job is to respond to both emergent and non-emergent medical calls via ambulance service and provide emergency care for severe illnesses and traumatic injuries. They are at the front line of emergency medical care and, thus, must be trained to a T. At MMR, we offer extensive EMT training for those interested in getting involved in the emergency medical field.

If you’re interested in an EMT training course, check out our application deadlines and class availability on our website.

Paramedic training