12-Lead for Paramedics & Nurses

A comprehensive study of 12 Lead EKG interpretation and clinical aspects of acute coronary syndrome.

Course Description

This course will guide you throught the proper method of aquiring a 12 Lead EKG and give you the skills to accurately diagnose myocardial infarction or mycardial ischemia. We will also look closley at reconizing ACS mimics and how they relate to 12 Lead EKG's.

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Course Details

The intent of this course is not to teach cardiac rhythm interpretation. Students should be be comfortable with 3 and 4 Lead EKG rhythm analysis prior to attending this course.

Topics covered:

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • Reperfusion Therapies
  • 12‐Lead Acquisition
  • Complexes and Wave Forms
  • Indicative Lead Groups
  • Subsets for ACS
  • Bundle Branch Blocks
  • Multiple Practice 12‐Lead EKGs for the student to diagnose


 $150.00  (does not include textbooks)

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