Advanced Cardiac Life Support

The ACLS Course provides healthcare professionals the ability to assess and manage peri-arrest and cardiac arrest patients as well as acute coronary syndrome and stroke.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

The ACLS Provider Course uses case‐based teaching. You will learn the critical assessment‐management actions for 10 core cases by conducting the Primary and Secondary ABCD Surveys and implementing the ACLS algorithms. At the conclusion of this course you will confidently carryout specific critical actions in a timely manner.

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The 10 core cases cover respiratory emergency, four types of cardiac arrest (simple ventricular
fibrillation/ventricular tachycardia [VF/VT], complex VF/VT, pulseless electrical activity [PEA],
and asystole), four types of pre‐arrest emergencies (bradycardia, stable tachycardia, unstable
tachycardia, and acute coronary syndromes), and stroke. Generally the cases follow a specific
sequence with each case reinforcing sequences with each case reinforcing knowledge and skills
learned in the preceding cases: respiratory arrest, simple VF, complex VF, PEA, asystole, acute
coronary syndromes, tachycardias, and ischemic stroke.


ACLS Provider Course: $250.00
(does not include textbooks)

ACLS Renewal Course: $150.00 
(does not include textbooks)

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