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How to Get a Scholarship for Paramedic Training
November 23, 2021 at 10:30 PM
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EMT and paramedic training is the first step in any emergency medical services career. Mobile Medical Response provides thorough hands-on training, whether you find your calling as a paramedic or go on to become a registered nurse, physician’s assistant, or EMS director. Paramedic training is available to licensed EMTs who want to take their education a step further. Paramedics who graduate from our training provide exceptional emergency, pre-hospital care to people in need in their community.

MMR offers a range of pathways for students to get the training and education they need to work in Michigan emergency medical services. Our paramedic training includes online courses, flexible school schedules, and courses in multiple locations, including Saginaw and Mount Pleasant. Even with tuition reimbursement and payment plans, courses can be a substantial expense, which is why MMR offers paramedic training scholarships for qualified students.

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How much is paramedic training in Michigan?

Paramedic training courses build upon what students learn while getting their EMT license. Our course is approximately fourteen months, with hybrid instruction including online courses for convenience, plus one day a week of lab work at either our Saginaw or Mount Pleasant locations.

The tuition for paramedic training is $6,000, with an optional payment plan of $2000 due at registration and the remaining $4,000 due in four equal payments at the start of each quarter. Additional costs include textbooks, drug screening, and testing for licensing.

What does a paramedic training course include?

Paramedic training provides licensed EMTs with advanced instruction in pre-hospital care, including respiratory, cardiovascular, and drug therapy. The fourteen-month course divides 1197 didactic and clinical course hours evenly.

Students improve their medical knowledge and skills while honing their ability to react and manage emergency situations through hands-on training.

Am I eligible for a paramedic training scholarship?