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MMR at the Forefront of Technology with First Purchase of UVC Lights for Hi-Tech Disinfection Practices to Battle COVID-19
April 6, 2020 at 4:00 AM
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Mobile Medical Response (MMR), the largest geographical emergency medical service (EMS) providers in Michigan, purchased two prototype UVC lights from a local Saginaw vendor, US Lighting LTD, on March 30, 2020. These prototypes are being used to disinfect ambulances in their fleet with great success. An additional order of seven has been received and distributed to the remainder of MMR’s service area for widespread use.

“We believe this technology will assist us in keeping our staff, patients, and communities as safe as possible.” Remarks Jason MacDonald, Vice President of Operations for MMR, “We appreciate the innovation and speed US Lighting LTD has brought to this endeavor. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our employees. Their safety is our top priority as we work through this unprecedented crisis.”

The UVC light provides a quick and effective two-minute sanitization time for the interior of the ambulance. It is started with a remote outside the vehicle for the safety of the crew.

These lights can even be used to disinfect entire rooms with adjusted sanitization times.

“The technology of UVC light for sanitization and disinfection has been out for decades” recalls Linda Bommarito, President of US Lighting LTD. “One of our manufacturing partners had these lights in storage (originally designed for HVAC systems) and I remembered that they could be used for disinfecting purposes. We have two versions available now. The Two-Light Hanging System is the one MMR is using and it was designed specifically with MMR units in mind. However, they can be fitted to many different ambulances.”

For Linda, this endeavor began at a very personal level. Her step-son works as an EMT for MMR and her daughter-in-law is a nurse. The safety of her family is a major concern. These UVC lights have grown beyond MMR and can now be found sanitizing a variety of first responder vehicles in Saginaw County, including police and fire units.

The UVC lights are not meant to be a replacement for regular sanitary procedures. They will be used in addition to standard sanitary practices to aid in the thorough disinfection throughout the ambulance.

MMR is continuing to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC and local health departments. The purchase and implementation of th