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When to Hire Private Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
August 4, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Private non-emergency medical transportation is useful in various situations.

The use of private non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) has been on the rise in recent years throughout Michigan for a variety of reasons. Changes to Medicaid have made it so that this type of transportation is now typically covered, our population is getting older, and many people suffer from chronic issues that require repeat medical assistance.

However, despite seeing a surge in usage, many people are still unsure of what exactly private NEMT is and when they should use it. This guide is designed to answer those questions so you can start taking advantage of this fantastic transportation solution.

What is private non-emergency medical transportation?

For many people, ambulances are the mode of transportation most commonly associated with the healthcare industry. However, ambulances are only really required for true emergency situations, and if you do end up calling one, it can lead to a costly bill for the ride. Private NEMT is a more affordable option for individuals who need assistance but aren’t experiencing an emergency.

They are better prepared to handle medical situations than a regular taxi or ridesharing provider, because the drivers have received specialized training and the vehicles are better equipped to handle things like wheelchairs, stretchers, or other special needs. These qualities make it the superior option when you need to take care of any medical problems but are unable to drive and not experiencing an active emergency that requires ambulatory assistance.

What are examples of scenarios the necessitate private non-emergency medical transportation?

Since the use of private NEMT is associated with nearly any type of healthcare-related situation, the examples of when you’d use one are very broad. However, below or some specific scenarios where this type of transportation can be helpful to residents throughout Michigan.

If you’re incapacitated following a medical procedure.

Certain medical procedures, such as a surgery, make it so that you cannot drive for a particular amount of time. Either you are put into a cast that limits your mobility and restricts your driving capabilities, or you could still be feeling the effects of a medication that would make it illegal to get behind the wheel. This is the perfect time to use private non-emergency medical transportation because they can get you to your destination safely.

You have a doctor’s appointment or need to pick up medications.

For anyone who is incapable of driving for any reason but needs to attend to any type of medical concern, private NEMT is a viable solution. Rather than relying on friends or family who often have packed schedules themselves, you can arrange your transportation ahead of time and have a professional pick you up directly. That way, you can easily get to your appointments or grab any prescriptions with ease.

Private NEMT for special events.

Another occasion where private NEMT is helpful is when you’re hosting an event with many people. They can remain on standby throughout the duration of the event in case an emergency arises. Having this type of support in place helps protect you from liability issues and ensures the safety of everyone who attends the event.

Do you need private non-emergency medical transportation?

Then reach out to the team here at Mobile Medical Response. For more than 25 years, we’ve completed over one hundred thousand transports for individuals throughout the great state of Michigan, and we have a fleet of high-performance vehicles ready to assist you regardless of what specific needs you have. Learn more about the services we offer, or get in touch online to schedule your pick-up.